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HTML5 Panoramic 360 Video

Demo Screenshot
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I've finally completed a project that I've had in mind for quite some time: A 360 HTML5 viewer. This was a project that was initially conceived during a hackathon a few months ago (the source for those experiments are located here)

Most excitedly the player has optional Oculus Rift Support. The player seeks to replicate what existing projects can already do (e.g. Total Cinema 360 and VR Player) but in the web browser. However, the player is limited to browsers that support WebGL and users must have the vr.js project installed for Oculus Rift support. It's only been tested in Chrome (and not very thoroughly I might add). The videos on the demo page are mp4 which only work on Chrome (except for sintel, which should work in Firefox).

I've used a lot of web based players in the midst of building this thing and most are Flash based. I did find one by Kolor which looked pretty impressive.

I still don't know much about the actually stitching process and the algorithms behind them. I'm also not sure about the projections I've chosen. I'm still very new to "360" video but I think as VR takes off it will become much more prevalant.

Thanks to the airpano people for their amazing videos, which I'm using to demonstrate the player.