Video VR Extension

Youtube for the Oculus Rift

Watch HTML5 videos on youtube with the Oculus Rift (requires vr.js plugin for Rift support). Written while at Hacker School during the Winter 2014 batch.

Available as a Chrome and Firefox (awaiting approval from Mozilla) extension.

video-vr-extension screenshot

Test Vids Youtube Channel


  • c - re-center
  • o - increase IPD
  • p - decrease IPD
  • n - next projection
  • wasd - move up, left, down, right

Upcoming Features

  • better movement and zoom
  • manual width and height settings

Release History

4/21/14 - v0.0.6
  • Updated to fix aspect ratio bug introduced in v0.0.4
  • Skipped v0.0.5 to sync with firefox add-on version
4/21/14 - v0.0.4
  • Firefox!
  • Misc bug fixes
  • Keybinding (n) to flip through projections
  • Improved Cylinder projection
v0.0.3 (Chrome only)
  • Fixed aspect ratio issue
  • Added controls to popup
  • Misc bug fixes
v0.0.2 (Chrome only)
  • initial release